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Last Stop...

Post by Belle on Sun Nov 03, 2013 7:03 am

As I felt the motor of the bus coming to a stop, I sat up in my seat and looked out the window not really sure where I was. Seemed like I had been riding on that thing for days and my body was for suure feeling it. Looking around at the half filled bus I stretched my arm out wide as my fingers combed in my thick brown hair out my face. The edges of my locks tickling my neck as I shake out the tangels and took a deep breath in.

"I guess this is it." I mumbled under my breath as I watched everyone filter off the bus.

Standing up, I reached down and grabbed my duffle bag from the ground. It was not heavy by any means since when I left what I called home, I did not have much time to grab anything. I just needed out of there and did not care what I had in the end. Walking out into the eisle, I smiled at the drive as I stopped down the stair. Looking out around the small town, I took another deep breath unsure of what to do. I did not know where I was and did not know anyone. Hopefully I did not make a bad choice by hoping on this bus.

Pulling the strap of my bag over my should, I swug the oversize bag to my back. It size overshadowing my tiny frame as I tugged at my navy hoodie at my waist. My tatter jeans a bit loose since my parents never seemed to get me close tat fit.

"Hmmm..." I shrugged my shoulders as I turned in a circle. My mind racing as I began to wander down the street not really sure where to go as I pass by a few folks. My head lowered as my nerves started to set in as I with every smiling face that passed.

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